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Marker Background Technique

Halloween Happiness

Here's another Halloween card using the Scary Cute Bundle from the Mini Catalog.  Can you figure out the Designer Series Paper strips I used?  It's from the Lights Aglow DSP.  Yep, Christmas themed DP.  I thought the gold print on black background would be great for a Halloween card.  What do you think?

Halloween Happiness

All of the products used to make this card are available in my online store.  Just click on an image to shop.

Exclusive September FREE PDF Tutorial - Fond of Autumn

Fond of Autumn Collage











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Sue Floyd

Great idea for that paper Leigh! I dont have Halloween I'll use that.
Thanks for sharing.

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Alp Baris

Halloween is a spooky yet fun holiday celebrated on October 31st every year. It's a time when people dress up in costumes, carve pumpkins, go trick-or-treating, and attend parties. Whether you're a child or an adult, Halloween is a great opportunity to let loose and have some spooky fun!


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Halloween Happiness is a unique blend of spooky fun, creativity, and a sense of community that brings joy to people of all ages. This holiday, celebrated on October 31st each year, has a magical way of stirring excitement and igniting the imagination.


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